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About our wool

Scroll down and learn more about our wool and its unique qualities. Ideal for both children and adults.

It all begins at the farm…

Our wool is mulesing-free and we care that the animals are treated well.

Caring for the environment

Joha is very responsible for environmentally productions methods. Our products have OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100 certification.

Our wool will make your daily life easier...

Saves you time and energy

Easy to use and wash

Easy to use and wash

We know how busy parents are and how much time and energy that goes into doing laundry. That is why we have done our best developing wool products that is washer and dryer safe.

We ask you to follow the instructions on the care label. Then you are guaranteed a Joha product that will keep the original fit and quality. Our wool articles must be stretched into shape while wet.

The unique properties of wool

With its isolating qualities wool naturally regulates the body temperature – nice and warm when it’s chilly and cooling on the body when it’s hot. Ideal for both winter and summer.

Absorbs moisture

Wool has an amazing ability to absorb moisture and will keep your child dry, protecting the health and well-being of the little ones.

A good nights sleep

Sleep study

According to recent research in the sleep patterns of infants it’s documented that babies sleeping on wool are calmer compared to babies sleeping on cotton. 67% of the babies sleeping on cotton woke up crying compared to 30% of the babies sleeping on wool. The graph shows the average time of sleep in or on different types of materials. Source: Woolmark & University of Sydney – Australia

Babies crying wearing wool
Babies crying wearing cotton
7h 35m
7h 30m
7h 25m
7h 20m
7h 15m
7h 10m
7h 5m

Our wool qualities


Wool absorbs moisture and will keep your child dry, protecting the health and well-being of the little ones. With it’s unique isolating qualities it naturally regulates the body temperature.


With 100% cotton on the inside and 100% merino wool on the outside kids with sensitive skin can enjoy the unique qualities of wool too.


Our exclusive quality for those who wants the best of the best. The unique combination of wool and silk creates a light and comfortable feeling against the skin.


Our extra soft and light 100% merino quality. One of our absolute finest qualities and the perfect outer layer for e.g. outdoor use and in the stroller.

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